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Just married in photo boothIn planning a wedding, enormous amount of time, money and effort are put into to make sure a “picture perfect event.” So much emphasis is put on having the best setting, good food, perfect decorations, right entertainment, and etc. But usually the most overlooked piece of a great event is ignored – your guest. Yes, it is the people that make all events great especially your wedding.

As the host of your wedding, you definitely want your guests to feel amazing and to remember this day for a long time from now on. You want them to be properly fed and really well entertained too.  Aside from the food and drinks, you will also have to think of ways to entertain them. Sure, the music is really important, but why not provide your guests with other types of entertainment as well? Do you want your wedding to have something a little bit different?

Then, Photo Booth Hire for wedding is the answer.

The best thing about having our photo booth in your wedding is your guest can have their photos into fun keepsakes. Instead of a book filled with boring autographs and standard “best wishes” or “congratulations” comments, it’s filled with candid pictures and heart-felt messages. It’s something that couples can put on their coffee table and look at for years to come.

Photo booths are also an excellent time-filler. There are times during your wedding, when you can’t really avoid the time that is spent waiting for the special guests or for you – the newly wed to arrive. But when you have a photo booth at the venue, your guests can still end up having fun while they wait – this will also keep them in good spirits till the time the actual ceremony or event begins.

The props can make it even more fun. We have a wide range of unique and creative props and accessories with a beautifully designed background. Our booth can also handle up to 10 people for maximum fun and hilarious photos. It even allows guest to post directly to popular social media sites right inside the booth during the event! Imagine the excitement you can share!

Though coloured photos look great, some moments are best captured in black & white. Our photo booths print colour as well and black and white pictures. You can opt for our booth that gives multiple prints; this will ensure that your guests too have a unique little souvenir of the event, to carry home with them.

With all these benefits in view, it goes without saying that it’s important to opt for photo booth hire in your wedding.   Don’t wait and miss the date. Call us. Get a free quote. Book your event NOW!

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