Pictures Alone Do Not Capture Everything

After months of meticulous preparation, your wedding day can fly by and feel like seconds. Capture and preserve moments that you, as a bride, will not able to see and hear in your wedding. Enjoy full day coverage.

Recall the feeling of walking down the aisle. Relive your vows. Look back on the priceless memories that happen only once in a lifetime.

We don’t want you to regret not getting a videographer.

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Wedding Videography in Townsville

After months, sometimes even years of planning, your wedding day is over in a matter of hours. The curls will fall out of your hair, your dress will go to the cleaners and then be put away in your closet, your food and drinks consumed. All your precious, time-consuming DIY projects will be thrown out or stashed away in boxes, your flowers wilted and your decorations packed away, your cake will be eaten, and what you are left with at the end of the day is simply a memory, and well, of course, a new husband or wife to share the rest of your life with.

You’ll have bits and pieces of memories of that day that stand out in your mind, and you’ll have photographs of still images that will bring those memories to life. But there truly is no substitute to sitting back and watching how that incredible day unfolds.

Also, as we age our memories begin to fade. Frequently, our memories get jumbled around, and while we may clearly remember a specific event, the details and side features are lost to us over time. It is a fact of life that we all get older, but with a wedding video your special day is perfectly preserved and can be viewed and relived at any time you wish. Relying only upon photos or impromptu non-professional recordings is risky because you lose most of the important events and details that are only captured on video. Along with the vows and exchange of rings, there are also the speeches, special events, the reception, as well as things behind the scenes that the happy couple may have missed.

Preserve those precious moments by hiring a professional wedding videographer now.


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Wedding Videography Townsville is well versed in all aspects of videography and can deliver your wedding movie in a style that suits you and your partner best. Our goal is to bring world class cinematic films within the reach of average couples without having the exorbitant price tags usually associated with such a high-end video production. With us, you can customise our wedding videography packages to fit exactly what you want!

Furthermore, our service is provided throughout your wedding day until (and including) the first dance of the evening, with a videographer on hand to capture all of those special moments. We do not have an hourly rate; our videographer is yours for the day! Our team can start any time from 10am-11am and some don’t finish till 10pm-11pm.

Also, we know the right moment that should be caught on camera and which angles to take to have a dramatic effect on the video. We can edit the video and add effects that will make your video romantic, stunning and truly worth reminiscing now and in years to come. We also have the best and the latest equipment available.

So think twice before you say you can’t afford a videographer, or you just don’t think it’s worth it. Because you can always cut back on other parts of your day that will later seem trivial. Your wedding is your own personal piece of artwork – designed and created by you, to celebrate your love for each other, with the people you love.

Contact us and we’d love to hear from you. Book an appointment with our videographers and they are willing to listen to and make your dream wedding come true.

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