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Wedding Photography in Sunshine Coast

People were asked if what things they would rescue from their burning house, most of the times their answer would be a photo album or digital images. Yes, the importance of photos in our lives cannot be understated. Pictures can manifest emotions that words cannot and we, human beings, are emotional.  Photographs are the best way to capture these emotions. And as soon as the emotions are captured in a photograph, they become memories. In fact, some of our best memories are from photographs.

Your wedding is one of these memories and documenting your special day is truly important. They’ll be shared with everyone from friends and family who attended to future generations of children down the road. With that kind of importance behind these photos, a professional wedding photographer is worth his or her weight in gold.

We, at Wedding Photography Sunshine Coast are in the business of providing you the best and professional wedding photography services in the golden time of your lives – your wedding day.

Our approach to your wedding day is simple: we are there to tell your story. We are there to capture the feelings and emotions as it unfolds – as it happens, with little to no intervention. When someone views your wedding photos they should be able to gain an understanding of the mood that was present at your wedding day even if they did not attend the wedding.


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We know how to get those special photographs without being intrusive. No one wants a photographer who jumps in front of their face with a blinding, flashing light and interrupts the special occasion. We will be in every corner ready to capture those special moments you thought nobody saw. Experience really does count, and you can have this experience when choosing us to be your photographer on your Big Day! So whether you want a traditional wedding, or opt for a garden or beach wedding, we have the experience you can trust.

We have insurance to protect us, as well as our clients, should anything go wrong during and after the pictures are taken. We also have backup systems and spare equipment so we don’t lose any of the shots. We also offer a comprehensive range of wedding packages all over Sunshine Coast that suit your needs and style when it comes to immortalizing your wedding day. We also have second photographer – commonly referred to as a “second shooter” – secured, which only means multiple angles and more beautiful images for you and your husband. With a team of experienced professional handling your big day, you have the peace of mind that you and your guests are in good hands.

Yes, your wedding photos can grab your attention like nothing else. And, let’s put it this way. With time, our mind becomes fickle and we start forgetting things. The only way we can record them is through pictures. They have been and will remain the best way to store one’s memories and emotions of your special day. In fact, they are the prized possessions of your lives as a couple.

If you have questions or comments please get a hold on us on whichever is the most convenient way for you. Our friendly team will answer every question. Ask anything. Give us a call today and let us help you plan your special day.

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