Pictures Alone Do Not Capture Everything

After months of meticulous preparation, your wedding day can fly by and feel like seconds. Capture and preserve moments that you, as a bride, will not able to see and hear in your wedding. Enjoy full day coverage.

Recall the feeling of walking down the aisle. Relive your vows. Look back on the priceless memories that happen only once in a lifetime.

We don’t want you to regret not getting a videographer.

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Wedding Videography in Gold Coast

A legendary filmmaker once admitted that he chose a story involving the Titanic partially as an excuse to use his love for deep sea diving and explore the wreckage of the Titanic itself! But, he also did this under the umbrella of one of the greatest love stories of all time. You probably have seen it many times and it became one of the biggest feats in cinema. The success of Titanic can’t be pinpointed to one specific thing, but a large part of it must be contributed to the retelling of one of the most successful love stories of all time, the story of Jack and Rose.

But do you know that the best love story has not been told? It is about to be told. Yes, it’s your story that is waiting to be told and the leading characters are you and your significant other. And it all starts in your wedding day. But the first question that needs to be answered is, how will you capture your love story on your wedding day? We are proud to say that we have all the answers for you.

Your wedding day is full of important people being themselves, laughing, crying, chatting and having a lovely time as they celebrate your day with you. You will never have this group of people all together in the same place again. By having a video of your wedding, it allows you to peak into these memories and revitalize all the moments and certain emotions you thought you have lost within you. In years to come, this aspect will mean more and more to you. This is surely the one day in your life it would be good to have on film, and in years to come you will realise how fantastic you looked on your special day, and be thankful that you have the DVD to remind you.

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A beautiful wedding film also brings the memories alive – you can hear your grandfather’s laugh; smile as the toddler chases the butterfly across the lawn; cry as your father says how proud you have made him. The look of wonder that appears on your partner’s face as he sees you on your father’s arm for the first time, and your smile as you see that look – these are truly priceless moments that work so much better in a moving, speaking image.

Wedding Videography Gold Coast is well versed in all aspects of videography and can deliver your wedding movie in a style that suits you and your partner best. Our goal is to bring world class cinematic films within the reach of average couples without having the exorbitant price tags usually associated with such a high-end video production. With us, you can customise our wedding videography packages to fit exactly what you want!

Furthermore, our service is provided throughout your wedding day until (and including) the first dance of the evening, with a videographer on hand to capture all of those special moments. We do not have an hourly rate; our videographer is yours for the day! Please also expect from us our full editing service. It means we can cut certain items from the video, enhance certain shots and concentrate on including all the key aspects of your day into a pleasurable viewing experience.

We can’t wait to meet you and get to know you before your special day so that we can craft a beautiful film that truly represents your unique love story. Our experts can craft the moments on your wedding day into memories so you can relive them in years to come.

This is your story. Allow us to help you recount it forever. Contact us for a no obligation chat and let us know your date and we will be available just for you.

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