About Brisbane

Brisbane QueenslandThey say that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Well, it is true. The more we know about a place, the more we travel, the more we realize that our home is more than just the street, town, city or even a country that we’ve grown up in. We realize that our home is the world, this planet Earth. So let us help you turn that book of yours in the next page by exploring Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland.


Brisbane was known to the early Aboriginal people as Mian-jin, which means “place shaped like a spike”. It is named in honor of Sir Thomas Brisbane, the Governor of New South Wales from 1821 to 1825. Did you also know that Brisbane was originally a site for penal colonies? Yes, between eighteenth and nineteenth century it served as a prison for British convicts sent from Disney. However, just over a decade after its initial settlement, missionaries moved into the area, followed by free settlers several years later and the penal era ended in 1842.


Brisbane is an energetic and booming city jam-packed with cultural experiences, adventurous outdoor activities, entertainment and shopping precincts that are home to about 2.2 million people, making it the third-largest Australian city. The land area is nearly 5 times the size of Japan, 7 times the size of Great Britain, and 2.5 times the size of Texas.  After English, Mandarin is the most common spoken language at home, followed by Cantonese and Vietnamese.

One of the best things about Brisbane is its enviously perfect climate. What will you do if you got 283 days of sunshine ahead of you? If you’re sitting inside, you are doing it wrong! Brisbane’s year-round sub-tropical setting is best enjoyed with the grass on your feet and the sun on your back. So pack a hat and a bottle of sunscreen and make the most of it by experiencing abundance of outdoor activities as many areas like beaches, rainforest and reefs less than an hour away.

Brisbane is also a city with some serious cultural credentials. The huge Parklands complex adjoins the Queensland Cultural Centre which houses one of Australia’s finest art galleries, the State Library, the amazing Queensland Museum, and the Queensland Performing Arts Complex. Watch Broadway shows and explore the museums and art galleries of the Cultural Precinct. Discover independent dance, theatre and comedy in Fortitude Valley’s eclectic performance spaces.

If you’re not into the whole ‘events’ thing then don’t worry – the Brisbane CBD is packed with great cafes, cinemas and funky little niche shops and you will find no shortage of places to eat and enjoy. Most of the action, however, occurs in the inner suburbs. Lace up your shoes and walk around the inner-city hubs of Paddington, New Farm and Fortitude Valley and play favourites with their boutiques and cafes.

It’s easy to see why Brisbane is such a popular holiday spot for Australian and international tourists all over the world.  A place full of life and excitement that is worth exploring and truly fascinating.