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Photo Booth Hire

Of course, you want to capture your precious moments on your special day. But don’t you think your guests deserve to experience the fun? Sure they do.

You just love how family and friends joyfully support life events that matter to you. They want to celebrate with you, so make it memorable. One of the best ways to say thank you for sharing with your special day is letting them enjoy their own moments in front of a camera – having fun with unique and creative props – and with a snap instantly freezes a memory in time.

So why not give your guests something they’ll really love like picture of their own from the event? Our photo booth allows guest to print high quality pictures right from the booth.

Priceless moments only happen once – no rewind, no flashback. You’ve only got one chance. So inspire fun and create unforgettable memories. Go ahead and have your photo booth set up, and your guests would surely love that special treat!


Photo Booth
Wedding Photograher and Videographer

Wedding Photography & Videography

Your wedding photograph is what is left after everything else has been packed and put away. It is the most tangible thing that you take away with. It is also the best way to immortalize your special day. How would you know what the flowers look like after they wilt or how amazing you are on that wedding dressThat is why it is very important to employ the best photographer

But what if those same glamorous, beautiful pictures you have could move, give a sound and show emotions?What if you could relive the feelings before you walk down that aisle? Or listen to your vows and hear exactly how they sounded in that moment? Which one would you choose? Well, you could have them both! We have it all for you, your wedding photography and videography.

So go ahead and hire a professional photographer and videographer that can turn your wedding just what it should be  truly a priceless memory.

Let your friends and family have fun celebrating. And leave the photograph and videos to us.


Party Bus Hire

Do you need a transport solution for your party? Are you looking for safe and fun way to move your special guests from one venue to another? Do you wish an out-of-town adventure without having to worry about taxis and parking? Then our party bus hire service is just for you!

A party bus can improve the experience of your guests in so many ways. It is an excellent way to impress your guests and give them an experience of a lifetime they won’t forget. Also, it can add luxurious and elegant touch to your special events. Another practical reason is everyone travels together, everyone arrives at the same place and no one gets lost.

You can travel with all your friends and keep the party going while you’re en route. We assure you not only the fun, but also your safety. And whether you are a small group or a bunch of partygoers, we offer transportation solutions that would absolutely cater your needs.


Party Bus

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